Are you a fan ofMorning Brew like me? Now you can write emails just like those beautiful little blurbs that greet you in your email every morning.

This free tool allows you to create emails in a beautiful blurb template which you can easily copy over to your email. Each blurb has a heading, image (you can remove or change this) and description.

The blurbs are editable and once you're done you can simply copy and paste the result into your email client. The placeholder images are generated from the Unsplash Daily Image API.

You can do all the usual rich text formatting like bold, italic, underline etc. but this tool doesn't give you all the bells and whistles an email client like gmail has.

For more advanced editing the best approach is to generate the skeleton of your newsletter with the content, copy it over to a draft email and then edit it like any other email.

The data is stored in your browser'slocalStorage and will persist if you refresh or exit the page. You can delete it with the clear out button on the home page or when you clear your browser's data.

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